About Jim
My interest in photography goes all the way back to junior high school. Yes, they had cameras back then! I learned the old school way, shooting with film, processing my own negatives and printing from those negatives. My Dad had a dark room in our house and we would buy film on 100 foot rolls and roll it on to individual canisters. The art of photography was much different back then but was instrumental in my learning the techniques.
Today, I shoot all digital images. I am a partner in Idaho Sports Pics, shooting tens of thousands of images in that venue each year. We capture various running events, marathons and triathlons. I also am a stock photographer, making hundreds of images available to be used for advertising or other commercial endeavors.
I have photographs that have appeared in Sail Magazine and 2 cover photos in QST, an international amateur radio magazine.
My passion, however, has turned to the more personal shoots, whether it be capturing the essence of the high school seniors for that landmark event in their lives, or creating that lasting memento as families grow and change, or trying every creative trick to get shots of that new, wiggly puppy, or that old dog that has become part of the family. People come to me for a reason. It is because they have something in their lives they wish to document with a picture. My desire is to capture their moment in the true spirit of the moment.

Jim's Inspiration
I am a Christian and I owe all that I am and all of my abilities to my Lord, Jesus Christ. He has opened up my eyes to see the beauty of the world around me.

Jim’s Family
I am a longtime Boise resident, but have recently moved to Meridian. I married my high school sweetheart, Kelli, more than 30 years ago. She will be found with me at most every shoot, looking for details I may miss. She’s a little bossy at times, but she sure knows how to get things done!

Jim’s Interests
I love photography and it seems to find it’s way into nearly everything else I do. I love sailing and take my camera gear every time I go. I am an avid bicyclist. Yes, I wear those lycra shorts and a jersey that looks like an advertisement. Most guys put snacks and tools in the pockets on the back of the jersey. That’s where I usually have a camera.

Jim’s Philosophy
Life is far too short not to be doing what you love to do. We have such a short time to make a mark on this world. We all ought to spend our time doing what we love to do. Discover your passion and chase it!

A Note from Jim’s Wife
Jim has an eye that is always composing. Whenever we are out and about, he shoots things I never see. I have asked this question a hundred times: “What do you see?” I try to see it but I can’t. Then he shows me the picture in view finder and I marvel. I would miss so much on my own. He sees that hidden, secret world open to only the imaginative. The camera is just an extension of his creative mind’s eye.